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How to Use IPA2 in Windows

Windows 98 and 98SE users: to change your language settings, go to:
Start > Settings > Control Panel >  Regional and Language Options (continue from (*) under Windows XP users instructions).
NOTE: you should use Windows English Edition. So, if you are using an Arabic or Persian-enabled Arabic Edition of Windows 98 and 98 Second Edition, you will not be able to read and write IPA2 properly because some characters are already replaced by Perso-Arabic characters.
Windows XP users: To change the language settings of your Windows, go to:
Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.
(*) A dialogue box will open. Choose "Languages" tab. Then, from "Text services and input languages" section, click "Details". Another dialogue box will open. From "Installed services" section, click "add" and from the new box, choose "English-United States". Under the dropdown menu, check the "Keyboard layout/IME" field (Keyboard layout/IME dropdown menu will be enabled). From this dropdown menu, choose "United States-International". Click "OK". In the "Installed services" section of the "Text services and input languages" dialogue box, you should have "English (United States)" item under which you have a "keyboard"  sub-item. Under "keyboard", you should have "United States-International". It is better to remove any other keyboard layouts other than "United States-International" by choosing them and clicking the "Remove" button on the right of the main window. Click "Apply" but do not close the dialogue box for now. In the "Default input language" section of your dialogue box, choose "English (United States) - United States-International" and from "Preferences" section further down, click on "Language Bar..." button. A dialogue box opens. Check "Show the Language bar on the desktop" and "Show additional Language bar icons in the Notifications area" and click "OK" to close the box. Now click "Apply" button again and then "OK" in order for changes to take effect. In the "Regional and Language Options" dialogue box, click "Apply" and "OK" to close the box. Now you will have a language bar in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. Whenever you want to use IPA2, click on language selector and after choosing "English (United States)", choose "United States-International" keyboard layout.

Now, to type special characters, read below:

To type "mul X", press (shift+") first and then X (X can be any vowel except "m").
, , , , .
To type "X mul", press (~) first and then X (X can be any vowel except "m").
, , , , .
To type "X vande" and "m", press (") first and then X (X can be any vowel).
, , , , .
To type "mul m", press (shift+~) first and then "a".
To type "", press right "Alt key" + , (comma).
To type "", press right "Alt key" + w.
To type "mul" () and "m mul" (), press (shift+6) first and then "e" or "a".
To type "mul em vande" (ě), use Windows character map or write "" instead.

NOTE: to use ", ', ~, ^, and ` themselves, after pressing the related key, press "space bar" once.

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