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IPA2 (Prsik) Tutorial

  • Preface

  • Letters

  • Comparative Table

  • Some Rules & Items

  • Simple Samples

  • Literary Samples

  • Daily Usage


IPA2 or Prsik (as we will call it as its public name here and any other place unless we mean the official name of the project dedicated to its development) is written from left to right exactly like any other Latin-based alphabet.
It has 26 main letters some of which are modified by accents and additional symbols to show their exact pronunciation or their function when used in writing Persian words.
There are also a few simple grammatical writing rules which are useful to make the writing system that accurate to be easily read, written, and understood.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to write IPA2, you need to have no special fonts installed; however, you should change your Windows language settings. To do so, click here.



Below you will find a table of Prsik letters with their name in IPA2 project. The naming system for Prsik is just a proposal and may get modified in future for further ease of use.

Prsik Letters

  Capital Small Letter Name All Possible Forms
1 A a am (m), (mul m), (m mul), (m umi), (mul am), (am mul)
2 B b be  
3 C c ci (ci zire)
4 D d de  
5 E e em (mul em), (em mul), (em vande), (mul), ě (mul em vande)
6 F f fi  
7 G g ge  
8 H h he  
9 I i im (mul im), (im mul), (im vande)
10 J j je  
11 K k ki  
12 L l li  
13 M m mi  
14 N n ne  
15 O o om (mul om), (om mul), (om vande)
16 P p pi  
17 Q q qu  
18 R r re  
19 S s se sc (sce)
20 T t ti  
21 U u um (mul um), (um mul)
22 V v vu  
23 W w dove  
24 X x xe  
25 Y y ye  
26 Z z ze zc (zce)



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