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stands for "International Persian Alphabet" here. Though a writing system mainly based on the Latin alphabet, it should not be taken as a new alphabet; however, as a unique and well-adapted type of alphabet in which Persian can be written and read easily and almost accurately, it can be considered an innovation which is the best among its counterparts or same-thought alphabetical systems.

   IPA has been developed after many years of research and trial-and-error process by total consideration of all possible aspects of Persian language (written and spoken) and as a solution to most of its problems.

   D. A. S. Moslehi, a comparative linguist and the introducer of this alphabet, has been one of the serious people, among all the linguists, who believes that the current Perso-Arabic writing system for Persian and all Iranian languages, as Indo-European (Aryan) languages, is inappropriate. He has been using and trying different ideas and inventions in this field and finally has reached to a point that he now believes no further developments can be made or added to this last version of his work and he has assumed it as the final version. However, he still supposes that, if possible or better, others can work more on it and help with its perfection. So all researchers and academicians are welcome to send their comments and concerns to PLA secretariat in order to participate in and contribute to this certain and future need of Persian language.

   The project is mainly aimed at promoting Persian language among those interested in Persian language who have had difficulties in learning it as a result of the difficult Perso-Arabic writing system and expensive courses held to teach it. Besides, predicting the future of Persian language has led to the creation of an alphabet which is capable of solving those up-coming needs as the human being is progressing in the path of his life.

   It is still seen necessary that IPA2 should be used for Persian language only at this stage and may not apply to all other dialects and languages of the Iranian branch. But researchers may get inspired by IPA2 to develop some other useful systems for the dialects or languages of their interest.

  In order to see how you can write Persian in IPA2 and to learn it in HTML format, please click here!

  In order to see how you can write Persian in IPA2 and to learn it in PDF format, please click here! Yet, remember that you should already have the Acrobat Reader to be able to read PDF files. So, if you do not have the above software, click the button below to download it first!


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