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Full Iranian name: Ali Moslehi Moslehabadi
Full British name: David Albert Moseley
Founder of PersianDirect.com
One of co-founders of Persian Linguistics Association (PLA) and its director (Iran chapter) since 2003.
Specialist in Indo-European comparative linguistics with approach to Iranian languages.
Skilled in Persian (Native), English (Native), French, Italian, Hebrew, and Turkish as living languages and in Old Persian, Middle Persian (Pahlavi), Manichaean, Avestan, and Sanskrit as dead (extinct) languages.
Understands Spanish, Georgian, Arabic, Portuguese, Armenian, Azeri, Russian, and German (does not speak them).
Knows all old and new non-cuneiform writing systems (Old Persian excluded in which he's an expert).
ATD Co.'s linguistic advisor for advertising .
Secretary of WF Committee for IT and computer science in the Iranian Academy of Persian Language & Literature (IAPLL).
Member of LinguistList.
Member of Strategic Studies Centre for Future Iran (SSCFI).
Director of Linguistics Dept. in SSCFI.
Honorary member of Psychological War study group in SSCFI.
Member of Persian Gulf Task Force (PGTF) & Iranians for International Cooperation and Iran Alliance (IIC).
Member of Iran Heritage Quarterly Language Group.

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