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Webmasters and Internet publishers,
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PersianDirect.com Certification

In order to encourage the usage of Pársik (IPA2) by different individuals, especially site owners and e-publishers, and in order to value Pársik-users, PersianDirect.com has created a certification plan which will cover all the promoters and supporters of IPA2 project and those who has been effective or active in propagation of IPA2 project and Pársik alphabet.

To get your certification and in order for your site to become a "PD Certified Website", you are required to learn Pársik and then use it on your Web site or publication. Those who would use a modified or similar version of Pársik might also apply for the PD Certification.

If you think you have the requirements mentioned above, please send the details of your Web site or publication to ipa2@persiandirect.com for evaluation.

The violations about or any abuse of "PD Certification Logotype" should be reported to abuse@persiandirect.com.

Here is a sample of what you can use on your Web site or publication when your request is approved:

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