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Dear visitor,
PD Forum is intended for those who have real interest in PD and its projects. Please read the following paragraphs carefully to ensure you will help PD make an acceptable environment for all its visitors.


We use this forum to record suggestions about the PD projects. Each project has its own section so that only the related discussions are recorded in each of these sections. Please DO NOT post about irrelevant issues. For those who want to discuss about other matters, we have provided the forum with a special section called MISCELLANEOUS. This area acts as an open forum on topics related to Persian but not defined or recognized in a separate section. It also allows participants to engage in a public dialogue regarding the merits of various requests for enhancements.
Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions in PD Forum. It means that you do not need to be a PD member in order to be able to post. Even the members should register in the forum in order to be able to post.

Terms & Rules

To make PD forum a friendly place for all the participants, we have made strict rules regarding your privacy, freedom, and creativity. You must not use unacceptable words which may disgrace others or discourage them by vicious actions or abuse. Otherwise, your account will be deleted.

By understanding and accepting these rules, you will be redirected to PD Forum.

I Accept.        I DO NOT Accept.


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